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Chapman Family

There are many great joys that come with being a photographer, but one of the greatest is getting to see our wedding couples again for family photo sessions. We had the pleasure of photographing Amy & Jordan’s wedding and just love their little family. Here are a few of our favorites from the Chapman family photo session.

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Ashley+Joe • Affinity Riverside Estate • Nixa, Mo • Wedding Photographer

Ashley and Joe got married at the Affinity Riverside Estate in Nixa, Missouri. This wedding was perfect in every way and we have been anxiously awaiting getting to edit and share these pictures for our friends Ashley + Joe.

Let’s start with the venue. We have only had the pleasure of capturing weddings at The Affinity Riverside Estate twice, but we can’t wait for the chance to go back. There is a waterfall running through the middle of the property that leads back to one of the most fabulous outdoor wedding spots we ever laid eyes on. Beautifully constructed wooden benches nestled perfectly in the surrounding forest. Directly behind is 3 stories of decking (including an outdoor dance floor) that overlooks the ceremony area, providing the perfect perch to watch the ceremony, take in the air, or get your dance on! Seriously, this is as good a place as any to say ‘i do’.

Now let’s get to Ashley and Joe. I got to meet these sweethearts when we did their engagement shoot a while back down on commercial street in Springfield. There was coffee, there was beer. Enough said! Within minutes I could tell that this couple was truly in love and couldn’t wait to get married, and I was over the moon that they had chosen me to be the one to capture that love. Getting to watch them get married and join their families together, seeing the love for each other and their sweet kiddos was honestly perfect. And just wait until you hear their vows. Not a dry eye in the house.

Here are a few of our favorites from Ashley and Joe’s wedding day at the Affinity Riverside Estate! Enjoy…

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Baby Kamryn / / Fresh 48 Newborn Session

Watch out world! Baby Kamryn is here, and she is currently melting all the hearts in the maternity ward at the hospital! We got the message last night about Baby Kamryn's arrival, and headed to the hospital today for her first photo session. She is just the most precious thing we've ever laid eyes on, and we simply can't wait to do more sessions with this one! Here are just a few our favorite frames from this afternoons Fresh 48 Session. Congratulations Gabrielle & Michael! 

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The Anderson Family

'Tis the season for Family Sessions :) We ventured into the pine trees with the Anderson clan for this years Christmas session. Here are a few of our favorite frames from their session! 

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The Cookinhams / / Family Portraits

I spent Thursday afternoon with the Cookinhams in Nevada, Missouri! Here are a few of my favorites from their session...Enjoy! 

Bentonville Arkansas Wedding Photographer

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Baby Spencer / / Newborn Session

The Ehrharts invited me into their home to take Baby Spencer's Newborn Pictures. Here are just a few favorite's from this sweet session. 

Newborn Photography Session Joplin Missouri

Newborn Photography Session Joplin Missouri

Shelby+Jay / / The Ramsey / / Wedding / / Joplin, Missouri

Shelby+Jay got married this April at the Ramsey Event Center in Downtown Joplin, Missouri. Not even the biggest rain storm in recent history was going to stop these sweet hearts. We were able to get outside for  few shots and capture some of the last little bit of daylight we had left with it being so overcast. This whole wedding party rocked it for our little photo shoot in the rain. Check out a few of our favorites from Shelby & Jay's wedding. Enjoy! 

Brady / / Sandlot 'Shoot

Here are just a few of our favorites from Brady's Sandlot 'Shoot... Enjoy! 

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Beth+Matt / / Kansas Wedding

Beth & Matt became Mr. & Mrs. Winter on April 1st, 2017. The happy couple got married in Neodesha, Kansas at the Grace Baptist Church. The reception followed in Independence, Kansas at the Historic Booth Hotel. 

It's always such an honor getting to be in the midst of true love on a wedding day. Going back through these images one by one, it's difficult deciding which ones to share. Just so much goodness in one album! Capturing these wedding day memories that will last a lifetime or longer for sweet couples like Beth + Matt is my dream job. Sometimes I have to pinch myself that I actually get to do this for a living:) 

Here are just a few of my favorites from Beth + Matt's spring time Kansas Wedding! Enjoy! 

Wedding Shoes in Window
Flea Market Find Vintage Cameras

One of my favorite things to do is shop the local flea markets for sweet vintage collectables. There are lots of cool things I'm always looking for, but one of the main ones is vintage cameras. Some are just for decoration and some go straight into my lineup for general use.  I haven't been collecting long, so my collection is still pretty small. I thought it would be cool to share some of my flea market finds with y'all so I took to the book shelves of the study in my home for a photoshoot of inanimate objects. Hope you enjoy! 

CANON AE-1 - $150

This is my most recently acquired treasure. I've been on the hunt for one of these beauties for a little while now. Haven't had much of chance to put it to good use, but definitely looking forward to having some fun with this one. The Canon AE-1 is a 35 mm SLR, first introduced in 1976 and remained in production until 1984, which when you think about it is a really long time for a single model to be produced. I feel like that says a lot about the quality and popularity of this classic camera. This camera was the first SLR to come equipped with a microprocessor and during it's years in production, sold over a million units. 


Every serious collector has to have one of these gems in their collection. The iconic Super 8 Movie Camera was first manufactured by Kodak in 1965 and remains one of the most popular shelf sitters in a ll the land. The one I found still had its original Sears Instruction Manual and fancy leather carrying case. It's popularity and production continued into the 1970's when more modern versions of video cameras started to come along. 

POLAROID SX-70 - $125

This camera might be my absolute favorite. It is an incredible feat of engineering, being fully collapsible which makes for easy transport and most people don't even know what they're looking at when it is collapsed form. It then transforms into a camera that dispenses it's prints in real-time:) Polaroid phased out it's film production in late 2005 rendering many of their products virtually useless. That is until The Impossible Project came along and reinvigorated Polaroids cult following with new film for it's products. This camera was in production from 1972 - 1980. 


This camera is a mid-century shelf sitter (non-working) first released in the 1950's. It  has an all metal body with a leatherette wrapping. This would have been used for shooting video and did not take batteries, but uses a windup spring motor mechanism instead. 

POLAROID A80 Land Camera - $60

This camera was a gift from my mom so it is extra special and adds value for sure! It is still a fairly new member of the collection and a ton of information isn't readily available online so I can only assume they only made 1 and it is the holy grail of cameras, worth over 2 million dollars. Full disclosure, I'm operating on zero factual knowledge. Just a hunch:)


The Yashica A Medium Format Camera was first introduced in 1959. Shutter speed and aperture are controlled with fancy dials and levers on the sides of the camera. This is about as simple as cameras get. Simple is good:)

Yashica A Medium Format Camera


The 'Brownie' was a simple plastic point and shoot camera first introduced by Kodak in 1956. This is the smallest camera in my collection. It is just a cute little 127 format camera. These usually aren't too expensive, so if you run across one, grab it! 


This camera is one of Kodak's greatest success stories for the 126 film cartridge. Kodak alone sold 60 million of it's instamatic models. Most of those sales came in the 1960's and 70's

Jaycee+Blake / / Wedding / / Miami, Oklahoma

Jaycee and Blake's Wedding was on New Year's Eve at the First Christian Church in Oklahoma. I couldn't think of a more perfect way to ring in the new year than with a beautiful wedding with a sweet couple like Jaycee and Blake. It was so good to see how many people came to see these two tie the knot on the last day of the year. 

Blake is a United States Marine stationed in California, so finding some time off for a wedding didn't come easy. Soon he will begin his deployment away from his beautiful bride so these two are enjoying every second together, so happy and in love, as you can undoubtedly see from their wedding album:) 

Blake saw his Bride for the first time as the church doors opened, and she began to come down the aisle with her father. 

Here are just a few of my favorites from Jaycee and Blake's Wedding Day :) Enjoy!

Wedding Cake Cutting Photography

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Paige+Aaron / / Wedding / / Rustic Oaks / / Miami, Oklahoma

Paige and Aaron got married this fall at Rustic Oaks in Miami, Oklahoma. This was our first time experiencing Rustic Oaks and it quickly became an instant favorite for us! It doesn't take long upon arrival to see the time, effort, and attention to detail that goes into making this the perfect spot for a beautiful wedding. Perfectly groomed walkways, fences, bridges, and overhangs all centered around the big barn where the happy couple would say ''I do" in the evening. 

I was so happy to be back with this couple after their engagement session in the spring. Paige and Aaron's day was filled with close friends and family who came in to make their wedding day special and one to remember.  This day was perfect and I'm so happy we were there to capture it all for them in photographs. Here are just a few of our favorites from Paige + Aaron's Wedding. Enjoy :)

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The Andersons / / Family Photos

C L I C K    H E R E   F O R   M O R E

Here are just a few of my favorites from The Andersons' Family Photo Session. Enjoy:)

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