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Lindsey / / Neosho Senior

Lindsey is a senior in high school from Neosho, Misssouri. We did here senior picture session this month and her album is definitely one of our favorites from this year! Check out a  few of our favorite images from Lindsey's Senior Portrait Session :) 

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Nicole / / Baxter Springs, Kansas / / Senior Photographer

We headed out to Wildcat Glades and Walter Woods Conservation Center with Nicole, our fifth high school senior from Baxter Springs! Baxter has been showing us some major love :) We just love how Nicole's album is coming together. She was so fun to work with and she absolutely rocked this senior session. 

Check out some of our favorite frames from Nicole's Senior Portrait Photography Session...

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Taylor / / Baxter Springs, Kansas / / Senior Photographer

Taylor is a senior from Baxter Springs, Kansas. For her senior portrait session, we explored the city streets and some abandoned buildings of downtown Joplin and then headed out to the dunes for a nice sunset. She killed this senior session and we are absolutely in love with her album. Taylor is our FOURTH senior from Baxter Springs, and next year she will be attending The University of Oklahoma! Below, we've included 32 of our very favorite images from Taylor's Senior Portrait Session! 

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Jillian / / Neodesha, Kansas Senior / / Photographer

One of my favorite things is getting to take senior portraits of the kids from my hometown! It's even better when it's someone who you've known since they were just a little tyke:) I can't believe Jillian is a senior already.....She absolutely killed this senior 'shoot. We are loving all of these shots! Here are just a few of our favorites. Go Bluestreaks! 

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Shaley / / Coffeyville, Kansas Senior / / Photographer

Shaley is a senior at Field Kindley High School in Coffeyville, Kansas. She came into Joplin for her senior picture photo shoot! We started in downtown Joplin and ended up at the falls for a much needed cool down in the shallow water :) I'm loving the way these came out....Here are just a few of my favorites so far...

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Tim Toms is a wedding and senior portrait photographer based in Joplin, Missouri. 

Flea Market Find Vintage Cameras

One of my favorite things to do is shop the local flea markets for sweet vintage collectables. There are lots of cool things I'm always looking for, but one of the main ones is vintage cameras. Some are just for decoration and some go straight into my lineup for general use.  I haven't been collecting long, so my collection is still pretty small. I thought it would be cool to share some of my flea market finds with y'all so I took to the book shelves of the study in my home for a photoshoot of inanimate objects. Hope you enjoy! 

CANON AE-1 - $150

This is my most recently acquired treasure. I've been on the hunt for one of these beauties for a little while now. Haven't had much of chance to put it to good use, but definitely looking forward to having some fun with this one. The Canon AE-1 is a 35 mm SLR, first introduced in 1976 and remained in production until 1984, which when you think about it is a really long time for a single model to be produced. I feel like that says a lot about the quality and popularity of this classic camera. This camera was the first SLR to come equipped with a microprocessor and during it's years in production, sold over a million units. 


Every serious collector has to have one of these gems in their collection. The iconic Super 8 Movie Camera was first manufactured by Kodak in 1965 and remains one of the most popular shelf sitters in a ll the land. The one I found still had its original Sears Instruction Manual and fancy leather carrying case. It's popularity and production continued into the 1970's when more modern versions of video cameras started to come along. 

POLAROID SX-70 - $125

This camera might be my absolute favorite. It is an incredible feat of engineering, being fully collapsible which makes for easy transport and most people don't even know what they're looking at when it is collapsed form. It then transforms into a camera that dispenses it's prints in real-time:) Polaroid phased out it's film production in late 2005 rendering many of their products virtually useless. That is until The Impossible Project came along and reinvigorated Polaroids cult following with new film for it's products. This camera was in production from 1972 - 1980. 


This camera is a mid-century shelf sitter (non-working) first released in the 1950's. It  has an all metal body with a leatherette wrapping. This would have been used for shooting video and did not take batteries, but uses a windup spring motor mechanism instead. 

POLAROID A80 Land Camera - $60

This camera was a gift from my mom so it is extra special and adds value for sure! It is still a fairly new member of the collection and a ton of information isn't readily available online so I can only assume they only made 1 and it is the holy grail of cameras, worth over 2 million dollars. Full disclosure, I'm operating on zero factual knowledge. Just a hunch:)


The Yashica A Medium Format Camera was first introduced in 1959. Shutter speed and aperture are controlled with fancy dials and levers on the sides of the camera. This is about as simple as cameras get. Simple is good:)

Yashica A Medium Format Camera


The 'Brownie' was a simple plastic point and shoot camera first introduced by Kodak in 1956. This is the smallest camera in my collection. It is just a cute little 127 format camera. These usually aren't too expensive, so if you run across one, grab it! 


This camera is one of Kodak's greatest success stories for the 126 film cartridge. Kodak alone sold 60 million of it's instamatic models. Most of those sales came in the 1960's and 70's

Preston / / Senior / / Baxter Springs, Kansas

C L I C K   H E R E   F O R   M O R E 

Preston is one of our seniors from Baxter Springs this year. We took his Senior Pictures at Schermerhorn Park in Galena and downtown Miami, Oklahoma and ended at the historic Coleman Theatre. 

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Philip / / Senior / / Neodesha, Kansas

C L I C K   H E R E   F O R  M O R E

Philip was one of our November seniors this year. We shot his senior pictures at sunrise in Neodesha, Kansas at the tennis courts and a nearby field and a little pine forest. Here are just a few of our favorites from Philip's Senior Portrait Album...Enjoy!

Samantha [Joplin High Senior] at Red Oak

Samantha Dorsey is a senior at Joplin High School. We got to photograph her senior pictures last month at Red Oak in Carthage and some family property out near Sarcoxie. Red Oak was a place we photographed a lot in the early days, so it was nice to get back out there with Sam and see some of the new additions for her Senior Pictures. After Red Oak, we headed out to some of the Dorsey's family property! Complete with majestic forests, ponds, old barns, and the ruins of a windmill, this property had it all. We love getting to incorporate family property and history into a senior portrait album:) 

Here are a few of my favorites from Samantha's Senior 'Shoot! 

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Alexis Dewey [Senior] Baxter Springs, Kansas

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Taylor [Senior Portraits] Greenfield, Missouri

Taylor came from Greenfield to Joplin to rock her Senior 'Shoot! I'm loving the way these came out! Here are a few of my favorites...Enjoy   :)

Emma Smith [Senior Portraits] Baxter Springs, Kansas

We went to Loma Linda and explored the golf course at sunset for Emma's Senior Pictures! Emma was described in the introductory email from her mom as ''a spunky redhead....that can light up a room". She definitely shined & lit up this senior session! We are loving this album! Here are just a few of our favorites from Emma's Senior Portrait Session. 

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