Hello! We are

TIM TOMS Photography







We are wedding and portrait photographer story tellers based in SW Missouri. Our  creative little company started back in 2012 amid little fanfare and even less studio space. We have since blossomed into full fledged fanfare and a slightly larger studio space! 

We have been wedding photographers for

8 years

Documenting hundreds of weddings in

some of the most beautiful places

across the midwest, and beyond.

We are often asked why we shoot wedding and the answer is simple.

there is no better workplace.

Where else can you be surrounded by love, beauty, happiness & joy every single time you go to work?

Our team is a collective of visual storytellers committed to describing the beauty of your day in a photo album worthy of a magazine. We think we bring a pretty awesome dynamic that you won't mind having as a part of the biggest day of your life, your wedding day! 

We strive to provide wedding collections that are timeless, beautiful, artistic, and bold. We want your wedding album to be full of photos that are real and meaningful to you! 

Our home base is Southwest Missouri but we definitely travel across the country for weddings as well. Some of our most popular areas are Kansas City, Northwest Arkansas, Tulsa, St. Louis, Nashville, and Dallas.

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