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The Smiths / / Amadeus Ranch / / Wedding / / Seneca, Missouri

There is nothing better than a Spring wedding! Especially after a long winter off season and its 70 degrees outside. We talked about the weather quite often at this wedding:) Getting married in the spring, you just never know what you're going to get. As Southwest Missouri spring weddings go, this one was an absolute dream. No one had to wear a coat in March, and rain wasn't even a thought, and those are some BIG WINS! 

Miranda and Kaleb are a pretty special couple and their wedding was just perfect. Honestly it wouldn't have mattered a bit if the weather was bad! This couple was so happy and in love and absolutely radiant, that I don't think there was anything putting a damper on their day. It's always such a treat to get to meet such wonderful people and document their perfect wedding day in a way that they can hopefully relive again and again.

We have shot at Amadeus Ranch quite a few times now and it just never disappoints. Beautiful natural light coming in on both ends of the venue provides some awesome opportunity for indoor photo spots, and the venue overlooks a gorgeous valley with picturesque sunsets! Not to mention, this might be the best venue around for quickly converting an outdoor wedding to indoor if the weather does take a turn for the worse. 

Below are just a few of our favorites from Miranda and Kaleb's wedding day! Enjoy:)

Venue: Amadeus Ranch