Brooke+Kevin / / Amadeus Ranch / / Seneca, Missouri Wedding Photography

Brooke+Kevin got married this October at Amadeus Ranch in Seneca, Missouri. 

This wedding was 'all the things' we love about capturing people on one of the happiest days of their lives and so much more.  Everything (starting with the Bride and Groom) was super relaxed, happy, and full of love as these two started on their beautiful journey together as husband and wife. It really was a pleasure to capture these two and just sort of felt like we were hanging out with old friends. We absolutely loved that they got their kiddos involved by having them be the wedding party! Just to see the amount of love they have for their parents and to watch them have so much fun as the day unfolds. 

The bride and groom could not have chosen a more perfect venue! We have shot here plenty of times, but it just never gets old. We can't say enough nice things about Amadeus Ranch! From the sweeping hills, to immaculate construction, to the most favorable of indoor lighting conditions, we love it all. The personal highlight for me was Brooke and Kevin's first dance out underneath the stars and overhead lights, surrounded by their friends and family, as their happy kiddos looked on eating the s'mores they had just roasted by the fire. The sun had been down for about 30 minutes or so and gave the sky this brilliant color of blue that was simply unforgettable! 

Here are just a few of our favorites from Brooke+Kevin's Amadeus Ranch Wedding! Enjoy:)

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