Melissa+Justin [Bullskin Creek] Wedding in Neosho, Missouri

Melissa and Justin were married at the fabulous Bullskin Creek, the new wedding venue and event center in Neosho, Missouri. As I was snapping a few getting ready pictures, Justin broke out a bottle of what I believe was home-made Pineapple Upside Down Moonshine! I noticed it was going in circular fashion around the group of groomsmen. As I tried reposition myself in the circle, so as to not be required to drink the moonshine, Justin noticed my evasive maneuvers and promptly advised that I wasn't getting out without taking a sip. Needless to say, I didn't fight it :)  These two sweethearts said 'I do' outdoors, and the sun set over the trees just in time for a perfectly lit ceremony. As spring days in the midwest go, this one was perfect. There was no threat of rain or weather, clear skies and a temperature that was just right for a wedding. Both of them were calm and relaxed as we went through the entire day of photo'ing, which made my job so easy! I've been anxiously waiting to get caught up so I could get into their edits and share a few more of my favorites. Enjoy! Don't forget to leave the happy couple a congratulatory comment below! 

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