Meaghan+Gabe [Harn Homestead] OKC Wedding

Meaghan and Gabe got married this April at the Harn Homestead in Oklahoma City! What a unique venue choice. So many possibilities! You can definitely feel hundreds of years of history reverberating throughout the venue. That running in concert with the fact that a beautiful wedding is about to take place is pure magic! These sweethearts recited their vows out in front of the old rustic barn on the property, and then moved inside to enjoy the evening with friends and family, drinking and dancing the night away. We pulled double duty for this wedding, doing both photo and video. That meant the bride and groom got to write super-sweet love letters to each other (video coming soon). I got to sit with Gabe as he feverishly scribbled out his love-letter, copying from iPhone to paper as one of his groomsmen read aloud. This was wedding day teamwork at its finest! Gabe was a little nervous Meaghan wouldn't be able to read his handwriting, but after much reassurance, we headed off, letter in hand to deliver to the beautiful bride. She read aloud with tear filled eyes, as Gabe's words were given life by the voice of his bride. "I LOVE YOU", he repeated throughout the letter. Each time giving Meaghan and even bigger smile. Those words not only repeated throughout  the letter, but throughout the day, and signified the momentous occasion for this truly happy couple! We were honored to have been there and taken part as their wedding photographers. Here are just a few of our favorites from Meaghan and Gabe's Wedding Day! 

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