Madison+Clinton [Wedding Film] Estes Park, Colorado/Della Terra Mountain Chateau

Maddie & Clint invited me to capture their love and wedding day in a short film at their wedding in Estes Park, Colorado. The happy couple chose the Della Terra Mountain Chateau as their wedding venue. As October days go, this one was an absolute dream. Although the threat of rain was there on and off all day long, they could not have picked a better day to say their vows! The sun flirted with the clouds most of the day, which made for some tricky lighting situations, but hey if you can't make an awesome wedding video here, where can ya? :) With the mountains, aspen trees, surrounding wildlife, and amazing wedding venue as situations be damned. 

These love birds got engaged one year ago in Estes Park at the Stanley Hotel. They decided to make their return to this beautiful destination in the mountains to tie the knot. The Della Terra Mountain Chateau provides the most stunning location nestled in the mountains for a picturesque wedding! 

I hope what really shines through in this short film is the love that these two possess for each other. They are so playful and have fun with each other. They just have the "it" quality that makes relationships work and makes everyone else swoon! Even during the ceremony, they never take themselves too seriously. Their love is one to be truly admired! 

Our goal going in is always to capture a couple's wedding day in a short film in a way that they can re-live over and over again throughout the course of their lives. From the first moments of the day getting ready all the way through dances and toasts, we strive to create your visual masterpiece that is unique to you and your wedding. 

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