Bride & Groomsman Epic Prank on Groom

Ashley pulled off the perfect prank on Josh when it was time for him to see her for the first time.

The groom, Josh busted into laughter when he was expecting to see his soon to be bride Ashley and turned to see one of his groomsmen standing beside him in a white wedding gown. Typically, we have the groom face away until the bride arrives and taps him on the shoulder, which is exactly how Josh thought everything was going down. Instead he got the shock of his lifetime when he turned to see his groomsmen that he had been looking for the better part of the last hour. When Ashley asked if we would be up for a prank like this, our answer was a resounding ‘YES’. Although we new the prank would be taking place, we did not know that Josh (groomsmen) was going to be so dang funny doing it. He hammed it up all the way down the walkway, strutting his stuff and blowing kisses at the groom, and showing a little leg at one point. Luckily our faces were hidden by cameras to conceal us laughing under our breath. We are so happy Ashley chose us to capture this priceless wedding day moment! See how it all unfolded below.