Wedding Contract

Creative Control: In hiring Tim Toms as your photographer/videographer, you agree that we have 100% creative control in all editing processes and decision of what images/video are provided back to you. Images provided back to you are not to be edited or altered by you in any way. We would love for you to share your images/video  through social media, but please do not have additional filters or editing techniques applied.

Prints: We offer very competitively priced prints that can be ordered through your online album, but we also give you the ability to download your photos and print them as you wish. For the love of all things holy, please don't print your photos at Wal-mart/Wal-greens/Places that aren’t professional printers. You hired a really good photographer, and unprofessional printers will ruin the quality of your photos and negate the fact that paid good money for a photographer. If you want them to look the same as on your computer screen, you must use a professional printer. We can recommend one! Just ask.

Overtime: If we are asked to stay longer than specified in your contract and have the ability to do so, overtime will be billed at the contracted hourly rate. Example: If your wedding is 6 hours and your rate is $1,995, the hourly rate ($1,995/6) is equal to $332.50. 

Timeframe: If you are planning on having a photographer & videographer and either one or the other is not us (i.e. we are photographing and someone else is video’ing or vice versa) PLEASE DO NOT book them & us for different time frames. This creates all sorts of problems with us or them or both of us. It is imperative that we are there for the same start & end times to uphold the quality of your finished product.

Delivery & Storage: Once your photos have been delivered and received by you, Tim Toms Photography is under no obligation to keep or store your photos or photo album. Please download all of your photos and back them up for safe keeping. We will make every effort to locate your photos and re-send them to you if you ask, but we make no promises about keeping or storing them for you. 

Raw Images & Video: We do not offer raw (or unedited) images or video at this time. Please do not ask us for them as they are not available for purchase. We will make every effort to get you the images and video you are wanting, just not raw or unedited ones.

Public Sharing: We reserve the right to share any and all images from your wedding day with our followers through social media. As well, we reserve the right to have your images published online or any other media publications.

Our Team: Tim Toms Photography has a team of photographers and videographers. We ensure consistency and the highest quality product with our team across the board. In signing this contract, you agree that Tim Toms Photography can provide you with any combination of our team members for your wedding day, and that you should not expect specific members of our team, unless agreed upon and written into the contract. 


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